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Here are some projects we've been involved in

Niños Profes

In 2018, Superkids piloted a new initiative called "Niños Profes" to empower children to rise up and support each other. The program had several goals: 1) to provide peer tutoring to small children at-risk of growing up illiterate, dropping out of school, or engaging in child labor, 2) to provide peer mentorship and support during recess time, and 3) to develop a generation of child leaders who are empowered to take action in their communities.

The Project Results as the outcome of their pilot program, which in part utilized a Friends of Paraguay grant, were:

  • They taught a 20-hour workshop to 10 children aged 8-13 years of age
  • They conducted another 20-hours of coaching as the children practiced with 40 younger students
  • They helped 40+ children make progress within level A. Niños Profes collectively taught more than 529 hours in three months